About Cemetery Delivery

Show you care no matter how far away you may be.

Cemetery Delivery believes that it should be easy for everyone to  enjoy fresh, beautiful flowers whenever and wherever they want, most importantly the ones in the cemetery.  We do things different… in a good way! Instead of the traditional mixed bouquet, we’re sending simple yet chic single-variety bunches, delivered straight from the source. Think the Farm to Table trend is only for food? Think again! Cemetery Delivery is the market leader of flowers delivery and grave-site cleaning services in California.

Cemetery Delivery is a premium gravesite cleaning and flower delivery service, offering its wide range of arrangements to cemeteries in California. At Cemetery Delivery we work with a team of professional experts as we love flowers and appreciate how they are grown and the people who grow them even more! There is no need for your flowers to sit at warehouses, wholesalers, or flower shops. Through our streamlined shipping process, your bouquets are delivered straight from the farm to your doorstep in four days or less.